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Robert David Steele, Chief Enabling Officer (CeO) of Earth Intelligence Network (EIN), is the founder of #UNRIG.  A former Marine Corps infantry officer and former spy for the Central Intelligence Agency, his last government position was as the senior civilian responsible for creating the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity.  He served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Open Source Solutions, Inc. from 1993-2007. Establishing EIN in 2006, with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) accreditation in January 2017, he has dedicated himself to teaching individuals and organizations about the value of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). He was recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in January 2017. #UNRIG is an educational project intended to last 90-120 days (now extended to 365 days)

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EMERITUS Cynthia Ann McKinney is the first black woman elected to Congress from Georgia, serving six terms as a Democrat. In 2008 she left the Democratic Party to accept the presidential nomination of the Green Party. She has an established reputation as both one of the most ethical political figures of our time, and one of the most persistent in seeking out the truth on all matters. She is internationally-recognized as a humanitarian and anti-war activist. In August 2015 she was awarded a PhD in Leadership and Change from Antioch University. Today she teaches a US-accredited Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in Bangladesh. She lent her name and voice to #UNRIG for six months, and spent three weeks on the road with Robert. She will develop on her own initiative the powercell concept, but from 7 December 2017 is not associated formally with #UNRIG. Robert’s personal statement:”If Donald Trump does not run in 2020, Cynthia McKinney has my vote — this is the most authentic, inclusive, and truthful politician I know.” Dr. McKinney has a lifetime unrestricted unlimited license to use the trademarked term #UNRIG.

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