Election 2020 – Week to 23 JUN 2019


Sunday, 23 June 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Trump the incumbent has a machine and the money and the advantage of being able to do things like eliminate the income tax. He is also weak in multiple states for failing to honor many of his promises, notably ending foreign wars (not approved by Congress) and 9/11 disclosure. The Democrats are a mess and might be stupid enough to nominate Biden or Warren. We continue to believe that Hickenlooper-McKinney are the combination against which Trump should be *planning”.  That takes a lot more than his current communications staff are capable of handling.  Florida will be central.  The new law making it a felony to criticize Israel will be struck down by the  Supreme Court and could be the death knell for Governor DeSantis. The President retains the initiative BUT faces some daunting obstacles ably summarized by John Cassidy of The New Yorker.  Trump to swing voters: piss off.  Seriously? The President is not stupid — this may be a feint. We grow ever more concerned over the the President’s warmongering and Zionist toadying — two very significant hit pieces out of Florida suggest he might be more vulnerable than we realized. If he folds to Zionist and Deep State pressures to attack Iran, he loses in 2020. Can Oprah Winfrey  beat Donald Trump in 2020?  Bill Maher sort of thinks so. Of course so also did The Donald — Winfrey for VP?  Better than Pence, for sure.

Budget Busters.

Candidates. The Democrats as of now….  Warren has a plan for economic intervention in every aspect of American life not already being screwed up by the government.  Trump’s first rally frames his emerging campaign strategy. Some mis-guided souls think Warren is the compromise candidate — Trump would crush her.  We continue to see Hickenlooper-McKinney as the real deal. Pence is a divider — the President should consider a woman and ideally a woman of color — Cynthia McKinney or Carol Mosely Braun — as VP

Demographics. For many reasons, 2020 may see the greatest voter turn-out in the USA in modern history. Rep Rashida Tlaib may be either an  intellectual midget or a plain liar.  The citizenship question in the census is about eliminating California’s four House seats based on counting illegal aliens and foreigners neither of whom are eligible voters. An accurate count of ELIGIBLE VOTERS will change the distribution of Congressional Districts. This will inevitably reduce “safe” Democratic House seats. Black voters are ready to leave the Democratic Party but not ready to join the Republican Party — Cynthia McKinney is invisible across America and there are no other black leaders of her stature who might rally all blacks into a formidable constituency demanding #UNRIG election reform in time for 2020.  Black women voters? Pennsylvania? Sending Pence to kick off Latinos for Trump is as stupid as sending a pedophile to lecture kindergartners on safe sex.  Is Pence being set up to be dropped from the ticket?  Latinos matter.   Trump knows this.  Latinos in Florida and Texas and Pennsylvania matter very much. Trump knows this. Pence does continue to get credit on the evangelical front — including Latino evangelicals. Brad Parscale is cocky and in disagreement with our grave concerns — as if he has his own reality show, never mind what we all see.

Down-Ticket Impact. Michigan could yield a Senate seat to the GOP. Republicans worried campaign arm is stumbling in fight for House.

Election Reform/Electoral College. The President needs to file a Supreme Court case against all States passing unconstitutional laws to bypass the Electoral College, at the same time that he embrace #UNRIG election reform and includes education of the public on election reform as a plank in his platform for 2020.

Fake News/Election Interference. Facebook gets a great deal of money from the candidates, led by Trump — and is still the primary source of much disinformation. Mainstream media and social media are polarizing information and failing to connect to measured reality.

Impeachment/Investigations. Pelosi knows that impeachment on top of the failure of the Russian collusion case will kill her.  Sucks for her.  It is however a popular political topic so the Congressional Research Service has updated its impeachment primer. Kamela Harris just committed political suicide.

Issues. Fear of the future may become a core issue. Rural health — indeed rural everything — is going to matter a lot in 2020. America is turning away from the urban cesspools on the East and West coasts. Trump’s initiatives on illegal immigration — including mass deportations — will play very well. School sex education that presents transgenderism and homosexuality as “givens” that must be respected could become an election issue.  Parents and Christian schools are now resisting the teaching of perversion which appears to be another form of dividing, conquering, and repressing normal heterosexuality. Basic Income — essentially a government hand-out — may not be a good idea according to Anthony Sammeroff via the Mises Institute.

Technology. Facebook is a major player at the intersection of money and technology in the 2020 race.  President Trump is outspending everyone else. Still, the public is now aware that Silicon Valley is playing favorites and in violation of the First Amendment and Title 7, always and with impunity.

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud. Little appears to be happening on election security, with a proposal for paper ballots blocked.

Zionist Influence on USA. The only countries that really interfered in US elections in 2016 were Great Britain and its spy agencies, and Israel. They remain the only countries actively interfering in the 2020 elections.

WARNING NOTICE: Early indicators are emergent that the Zionists plan to throw Trump under the bus and switch to a Democratic “unity” ticket in 2020.


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