Election 2020 – Week to 14 Jul 2019


Sunday, 14 Jul 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. The citizenship question is central to the integrity of the election process. California will lose four House seats and New York will probably lose at least two, if we stop counting illegal aliens and visiting foreigners when allocating Congressional Districts. We legal Latinos support the question. NEW: the Deep State and Democrats are now trying to bring economic pressure on all businesses that support Donald Trump, such as Home Depot (which is actually separate from its founder who does the supporting — this tactic is as illegal and stupid as software companies cancelling use licenses for Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE). The President needs to start warming up the Department of Justice for massive counter-attacks that cancel non-profit status and bring these people to justice for what is called tortious interference — a federal felony. Democrats are consolidating, what this really means is a Biden-Harris ticket. NEW: Robert Steele has finally gotten the intelligence aspect of the Epstein case into the mainstream media but a huge effort is underway to amp up the pedophilia disgust aspect and conceal the Zionist Mossad with CIA and FBI complicity aspect. The President can leverage this case — in combination with 9/11 disclosure — to neutralize most of Congress and eradicate the Zionist parasite that bribes and blackmails with impunity.

Budget Busters.

Candidates. Tom Stayer, a very wealthy “intelligent idiot” is contemplating a Presidential run (and now has confirmed he will run). This is a man who admitted spending $70M on climate change political lobbying to no effect, and has spent another $40M seeking to impeach our President without cause — all the Democratic charges against Trump are fabrications — themselves defamatory crimes. What Stayer DOES bring to the race is the possibility of whipping the Democrats into shape — imagine his deciding that Hickenlooper-Williamson is a good ticket, and then demanding that they include Harris, Warren, and others on a pre-announced Cabinet.  Imagine a holistic grand strategy rooted in true cost economics and 12 core promises. That will pull in the swing voters. Trump is the master of the simplistic sound bite but he is all alone — he has no one helping him actually conceptualize a pitch that addresses the needs of all of the people all of the time while showing the true cost of two-party tyranny entitlements that have turned the public into dependant infants.

Democrats likely to pare down to 6-8 before the first primary. We hope that Marianne Williamson is among them, she is the only truly authentic candidate and — like Donald Trump — the only non-politician.  Trump-Williamson?  Or Trump-McKinney with Williamson as America’s National Security Advisor?

Biden buckles.  Old, creepy, out of date.

Warren will surge for the wrong reasons.  Good at throwing free everything against the wall, a few good ideas that merit integration into a holistic strategy rooted in true cost economics.

Demographics. Native Americans should have much higher standing as a demographic. Sioux City is doing what it can.

College kids matter. The Republican college kids are pussies, the Democrats merely louts.

The NeverTrumpers are flailing. Antifa — fat fucks without a brain — is the new SDS.  Really. Both should expect invitations to the White House from the same morons that disinvited Ben Garrison and screwed up the social media summit.

The Heartland Matters — but is not enough.  The election appears to be shaping up into “who are we” versus “who is them” with the President on the side of the We and the Democrats on the side of the Them. The heartland has the right vibe, but Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas are still edge states in play and need more love.

Students are emerging as a core swing demographic, and student debt as their core issue.  This is especially true in Pennsylvania.

Down-Ticket Impact. Given the right moves by the President, every down-ticket opening is in play. We are beginning to see  strong signs of the GOP re-taking the House.  We would rather see Independents, Libertarians, and Greens displacing Democrats (and corrupt GOP candidates, which is to say, most of them) and we would PARTICULARLY like to see real veterans, not cosmetic veterans, elected to office.

The Senate, however, could be overturned by two ouliers, Kris Koback and Roy Moore. If they win the primaries and lose the general, the Senate flips.

GOP is worried about Texas. And Pennsylvania.  And Florida.

Election Reform/Electoral College.  No one is speaking seriously about electoral reform (all twelve reforms needed together) but at least The Hill offers a common sense observation.

Fake News/Election Interference.



Of Note. Governors are not doing as well as they have in the past as presidential candidates. The nature of the race has changed.

Technology. Deepfakes a concern.  The absence of truth and fact across all forms of media in the USA is a concern.

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud. Not counting citizens is the highest form of electoral fraud for the simple reason that as things now stand today, California has four House seats based on counting illegal aliens and foreigners. Congressional districts are allocated today on the basis of ALL voting age people counted by the census, this is a distinction that must be drawn. We fully expect the Supreme Court to understand the reasoning once the Attorney General improves his attention to the public rationale and the President goes public with the very specific connection between electoral justice and counting citizens.

Zionist Influence on USA.


Big Picture.

Hola: Majority of Hispanic voters approve of citizenship question on U.S. census

Home Depot Responds To Calls For Boycott Over Co-Founder’s Support For Trump

The 2020 front-runners are pulling away from the field

Tom Luongo: Peak Swamp? New Epstein Arrest Opens New Frontier… UPDATE 15 (12 July 2019 AM)

Budget Busters.


Billionaire Tom Steyer Reportedly Planning Presidential Run

Tom Steyer officially announces presidential bid

Democratic field readies for the big shrink

Biden Buckles

Elizabeth Warren raised $19.1 million in second quarter, campaign says


Sioux City to host forum on Native American issues among presidential hopefuls

The Cowardice of the College Republicans

Trump, Biden Nearly Tied for 2020 Presidential Election Support From College Students

Jilted Again! The NeverTrump-Left Alliance Crumbles

The United States Of Fascism Hysteria

Message From The Heartland: Love America Or Leave It

Pennsylvanian Millennials Are Screwed: Have Most Student Debt, On Average, Than Any Other State

Down-Ticket Impact.

‘Members are looking over their shoulders’: Democrats spooked by new primary threats

Senate Republicans’ 2020 nightmare scenario just got more likely

Texas Republicans Warn That Trump Could Lose 2020 Election

Pennsylvania is critical in 2020. Here’s how Trump could win or lose it.

As Goes Pennsylvania, So Goes the 2020 Election

About that Florida poll that shows Biden crushing Trump …

Election Reform/Electoral College.

Electoral reform should not further entrench the political parties

Fake News/Election Interference.



Of Note.

Governors tank in election about Trump


Deepfakes will influence the 2020 election—and our economy, and our prison system

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud.

Trump’s Citizenship Question Isn’t Controversial. Obama Deleting It Should’ve Been.

In losing legal battles over census, Trump may win political war

Zionist Influence on USA.