Robert Steele: Boycott Major Baseball League! They Folded to Agents of a Foreign Power (Israel) and Are Discriminating Against Roger Waters, National Musician, Because He Is Critical of Zionist Apartheid Genocidal Israel…

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This is Strike 54 Against the Zionist Apartheid Genocidal State of Israel and its foreign agents (B’Nai Brith, AIPAC, ADL) in the USA. They should all lose their non-profit status and be forced to register as foreign agents. And we should all boycott anything sponsored by the Major Baseball League. The Zionists (not to be confused with Jews who condemn Zionism) represent all that is wrong with our rigged system, where anyone who stands up for  justice is labeled a criminal. Go figure.

MLB to Cancel Roger Waters’ Tour Promotions Over BDS Support

Phi Beta Iota: Election 2020 should see the 27 states that have made it a felony to criticize Israel turn over all legislators and governors who signed into law a clear violation of the 1st Amendment. Most of them did not sign because it was  a good idea but because they were bribed or blackmailed (the Mossad does pedophilia entrapment across the USA). All of this is going to come out eventually. The main enemy of the USA is not the Jewish faith, but rather the Zionsts who consider themselves totally beyond the law (both international and domestic) and who will commit any crime they wish for their ends, without regard to the true cost to the USA or to others. This has got to be stopped.

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