Election 2020 Documentation of Fraud

Election Fraud, Reports

This single post will be used to post links or actual documents that strongly support the proposition that the presidential election was stolen in 2020. Later we will return to the matter of Senate races being stolen (for example, in Virginia where Gade appears to have beaten Warner with 57% of the vote) and a number of House races across the country.  We are funding a movie documentary on election fraud, the tentative movie concept has its own post.

PDF (15 Pages): Best Total Summary of Election 2020 Fraud & Obstruction of Justice

PDF (36 Pages): Navarro Report Volume I Six Dimensions Election Irregularities

PDF (32 Pages): Navarro Report Volume II The Art of the Steal

PDF (15 Pages): Navarro Report Volume III Yes POTUS Won By The Numbers

Additional references including Mike Lidell video below.

Dr. Shiva, Jovan Pulitzer and Others Join World View Weekend and Discuss Steps Going Forward to Uncover the Accurate Results of the 2020 Election

VIDEO: Mathematician: Election Numbers don’t Add Up

VIDEO: Mike Lidell “Absolute Proof”