Movie on Election Fraud & Reform Updated 17 Feb

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20210217 Videos posted:

Mirror: Sidney Powell The TRUTH of the 2020 Elections and the harm to America

Juan O. Savin (P) Update of 13 February 2021 Including Satanic Pedophilia Aspect

Cynthia scheduled to interview Patrick Byrne & Juan O. Savin (P).

20210212: Videos posted:

20210208: Dr. McKinney has provided her preliminary outline for the movie she is directing, that is below:

  1. Brief Introduction to the Issue of Election Fraud as Distinct from Voter Fraud
  2. Brief Discussion of Voter Fraud, Giving Examples
  3. Explanation Of Election Fraud as Election Administration Consisting of Election Day Activities and Pre and Post Election Day Processes
  4. How’d We Get Here: Past Contentious Elections and the Mechanisms of Fraud Used Historically
  5. Florida 2000
  6. Electronic Voting Machines and Electronic Voting Fraud
  7. Campaign Finance and Reapportionment and Redistricting as Sources of Election Fraud
  8. 2020 Election
  9. Comprehensive Election (and Campaign Finance) Reform Gives 100% of the Electorate Confidence: Unity for Integrity #UNRIG

Original Post:

Low budget high value. Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone, is the producer, Mel K will be the interviewer, Cynthia McKinney may be the narrator. $1000 donations deductible for US taxpayers gets screen credit as a co-producer. Follow our progress at this single link for all three movies we are doing in next 30, 60, 90 days. Donation links at the URL.

Preliminary plan for the movie here:

Robert Steele: Concept for a Movie on Election & Media Fraud + What Next

Tip of the hat to Mike Lindell and his movie Absolute Proof.