Betsy Today: Beyond the Mechanics to the Fundamentals


While I applaud your 12-step program I feel it is not enough to resolve fundamental problems.

1. THE AMERICAN IDEA. America is more than a political division of the world, it is an idea of a government that protects human rights from tyranny. The military are sworn to protect this idea, while there is not a strong foundation among voters. The education system was co-opted and the system of debate has commonly used the example “families seated around the kitchen table” as a basis for the idea that government should provide wealth to its people as its primary task rather than protect the rights of the people. Another example is a common use of the Dow as a judge of a government succeeding or failing. As a common result many people treat their vote as if it has no value except as a means to receive some financial reward. This represents the fundamental difference between Constitutionalism and Socialism. So long as the voters are on a different track from the military, the fundamental rights sought by the Constitution cannot be achieved because the authority of the military to act on behalf of the people is missing. This authority is what voting is supposed to provide. This problem is an example of what Lincoln said (but did not anticipate in this context) “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

— An argument that the corruption of the people is relatively benign stems from the result of POTUS receiving 80% of valid re-election ballots. However the Military have let it be known that they are reluctant to acknowledge military rule until the public support for their intervention reaches a higher level.This probably stems from a realization that if even a million persons in this country who work and have disposable income would think their lawful government (B) was removed unjustly, they would contribute to a guerrilla movement similar to the IRA which would a lengthy and difficult to defeat, if it ever could be.

— The 120-day cycle established by NESARA does nothing really to resolve the despairity except assume that truth will filter through in that time frame, be accepted, and that truth will vanquish cultist-belief in Socialism.

2. TRANSITION FROM INSURRECTION. At the end of the US Civil War, the soldiers of the Confederacy were ordered by authority to lay down their arms and not to engage in guerrilla warfare. (MacArthur used the authority of the Emperor to dissuade the populace from the same thing in Japan.) Also the States required many to take an oath of loyalty before they could vote. These are important elements that are missing from a solution. But an important difference between then and now is that by report many activists have been trained to promote disharmony. There by report is an embedded infrastructure of cultist followers. Also technology is now such that many elements of national infrastructure are highly vulnerable to attack, whether railroads, shipping, water, power, food, and road traffic, using poisons, drones, or even high-powered sniper rifles.

As a result of these fundamental problems, I think the solutions need to include further elements. While these remedies may be inconsistent with the Constitution, they are nevertheless necessary as overtime what has occurred is, the Constitution’s system has been “gamed”. These lists are NOT comprehensive.

American Idea.

A. Require an oath of allegiance before voting.

B. Require a test (similar to a driver’s license test) that demonstrates an understanding of the American Idea (Liberty) and how the Constitution is designed to achieve this.

C. Define advocacy of Socialism as unprotected speech (as it is essentially insurrective and diverts government from its true functions to instead disperse its funds to voting blocs).

D. Fortify the Constitution with protections against socialistic legislation.

E. Remove the ability of oligarchs to interfere in elections by bankrolling candidates to protect corporate financial interests and by manipulating media (no more corporate advertising to support media, all pay-per-view). Also establish wealth limits by analyzing a reasonable point at which an individual or family becomes a presumptive political power base that threatens Liberty as much as a corporate Trust.

F. Control the ability of individuals to become wealthy in government by establishing wealth-in-office limits, limiting terms, splitting up “log-rolled” bills, requiring certain or most types of spending to receive direct elective support of the People (direct democracy being technically feasible), requiring local projects be funded locally, by permitting legislative seats to be team-shared (creating a wealth of part-time representatives) and for representatives to participate in voting remotely (so they can stay closer to their People than to government).


A. Remove the right to vote from anyone affiliated with, or who financially supported, or who publicly supported (knowingly or unknowingly) the CCP-sponsored groups involved in the takeover of the US, for a minimum period during which the education system can be repaired to include and promote citizenship (while removing all divisive teaching). After this period of reconstruction voting rights should be adjudicated by a parole board.

B. For those found guilty of treason, sedition, or misprision, and not suffering capital punishment, and/or will not take an oath of allegiance to America, offer them the ability to migrate to a US territorial holding such as Johnston Atoll and there with some basic support establish whatever system they choose to believe in, while surrendering their US citizenship.

C. Repatriate all illegal aliens.

D. Remove all advocates of Socialism from the education and media systems and from local governments.


Ensure the system works in good faith by adjusting consequences until the bad actions stop, removing nearly all gag orders, and making it easy to recall any representative or judge or administrator.

ROBERT STEELE: Dr. McKinney (Cynthia) and I have always conceptualized our proposed program as a starting point for a national conversation, one reason we are planning a national tour in June and July. The above from Betsy Today is precisely the kind of intelligence with integrity we have been hoping to elicit from citizens. I will say as a point for discussion that the CCP is being overblown as a threat — they are doing nothing more than fighting back against the secret societies that manipulate all aspects of the USA under the direction of the UK, Israel, the Vatican, the Freemasons, and probably the Aga Khan — and then you have the Mormons and others, and of course the outright Satanic pedophiles  that are the controllers of the puppet threads listed above.

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