Lin Wood: Concerns About the Supreme Court

Supreme Court

UPDATE at 4:00 PM ET-– Lin Wood posted this moments ago…

I have concerns about the following members of the U.S. Supreme Court:

  • Roberts (you know why)
  • Breyer (anti-Trumper)
  • Barrett (nomination and confirmation pushed by McConnell)
  • Kavanaugh (tied to Bush 43)
  • Sotomayor (attended what may have been fake Bribes inauguration proceeding & appointed by Obama)
  • Gorsuch (who knows – flip-flopper)
  • Kagan (nominated by Obama)

I have confidence in Alito (based on earlier PA injunction ruling)

I have confidence in Thomas (Patriot)

The Federalist Society has had TOO MUCH influence on recent SCOTUS nominations. That needs to change in the future. The U.S. Supreme Court should never be guided by politics The rule of law is nonpartisan.