Article: Sidney Powell’s Legal Defense Dominates Dominion

Election Fraud

Sidney Powell’s Legal Defense Dominates Dominion

The supreme “Art of War” is to subdue your enemy without fighting; it means having the ability to set an inescapable trap – enabling the ability to annihilate the enemy. In fictional novels, the process can be analogized to a successfully foreshadowed climax. Some only see the strategy set up in hindsight.

In chess, champions yell “checkmate.”

Once a fledgling nation-state, Genghis Khan and the Mongols led brutal campaigns under such a strategy. The Mongols used this Art while amassing the Earth’s largest contiguous empire ever. To their enemies, the most successful tactics seemed bizarre and arcane.

Thinking the moves were motivated by Mongol weakness, generals would retaliate in knee-jerk fashion. But, many powerful nations were led like sheep to the slaughter. Entire civilizations succumbed to slavery and savagery. The tactics employed were neither arcane nor bizarre. It was the Supreme Art of War, published almost a millennium before Khan devastated even the Europeans. It is widely still read today.

Dominion Voting Systems, the software company at the heart of many of the 2020 Election controversies and conspiracies, has brought several defamation lawsuits as of late. The company is seeking damages many would consider astronomical. Sidney Powell, a star former-federal prosecutor, General Flynn’s successful criminal defense attorney, and author of Licensed to Lie, is just one defendant in the crosshairs.

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