Action Plan (Phase II)

Phase II is going to reach millions instead of thousands.

Phase II is going to put the initiative where it belongs: at the local level, with self-starters. Use this plan and you do not need anything more from #UNRIG.  As Gandhi said, “be the change.” YOU DO NOT NEED ME!

Here is the Seven Step Plan

STEP 1:  Organize by District centered on Independents and four small parties: Constitution, Green, Libertarian, and Reform.

Create a group of at least twelve people.  See the graphic below for a sense of who to include.  This will be hard but it can be done.  Every group should be a rejection of the “divide & conquer” memes that the Deep State uses to fragment black from white, young from old, female from male, straight from gay, and beyond.  Each group should have at least one Independent, one member from each small party, one Sandernista, and one Tea Party “I hate the GOP” member.

STEP 2: Come together to discuss the Election Reform Act.

Technically an Act does not exist until it has been written and submitted by at least one Member into either the House of Representatives or Senate processes. #UNRIG has always been designed to show President Donald Trump why he has the most to gain — in bringing the 99% together — from himself taking over the leadership of #UNRIG and himself ordering the drafting of the Act and its submission to Congress as a Presidential leadership initiative. If he will not do this, then it is up to all of you. All I can do is show you the seven steps.

Convene the citizenship leadership group, discuss the possibilities, and then each of you — one from each party and demographic — and change it as you see fit. What you see below has been improved in the last few months by citizens — for example, I had no idea that Congressional Districts are allocated on the basis of all voting age people including illegal aliens and foreigners.  California would lose four seats in the House of Representatives if we only counted citizen voters when allocating seas.

STEP 3:Bombard your Member with surface mail, emails, and phone calls.

Each you, representing each party and each demographic and of course Independents, write to your Member demanding that they host a town hall meeting to discuss election reform.

Download, refine as you please, each of the below three documents:

When you have them where you want them, bundle them up and bombard your member with at least 12 but ideally 144 copies from 144 different people of voting age in  their district, taking great care to identify each person so that the Member understands that your group represents a much larger spectrum of eligible voters than the 26% or so that voted the Member in last time.

End each letter with a demand that they host a town hall meeting on election reform during the holidays, and that they sign the Integrity Pledge.

STEP 4: If they fail to immediately respond, send them a second letter with an explicit statement of intent.

Dear Member,

If you do not respond to our earlier request for a town hall meeting and your signature of the Integrity Pledge, we will do two things from this point forward:

1. Start looking for a challenger we can all support to dismiss you from office in November 2018; and

2. Raise the money to put a version of the below graphic, tailored to you, on the billboard nearest your office — we will ensure it makes the news.

An alternative to the above — or they can both be used — is below. Both can also be turned into magnetic car door signs.  Do all this locally.

STEP 5: Raise money — $5,000 should be enough.

This is your money to spend locally.  Earth Intelligence Network is a non-profit educational corporation and may not endorse nor campaign against any Member. This is on you. Billboards cost about $3,000 for one month, sometimes much less, and a banner costs about $1,000 and has the advantage of being re-usable, i.e. at rallies.

STEP 6: Put the billboard up, hold a rally, invite the press, get it on YouTube and BitChute and Steemit.

Put the billboard up and then pick a good time to have a rally under the billboard, invite the press, make sure this gets into the evening news.

STEP 7: If the Member does not fold within the week, announce a challenger.

I consider the national-level “leaders” of the various parties to be out of touch with their Members and completely unwilling to consider imaginative ideas for breaking the back of the two-party tyranny. I tried to get the Green and Libertarian parties to collaborate for 2016 — the right joint ticket could have won if it had also announced a coalition cabinet and balanced budget three months in advance of election day, and challenge Clinton and Trump to do the same.

At the national level I am going to try to get all the small parties and Independents to come together in a summit to agree to collaborate in the consensual allocation of all 435 Congressional Districts to ONE challenger — the idea is that across the 435, each small party will have a fair share of districts where they are competitive, and Independents will be supported by all the small parties in Districts  where there is no clear advantage for any one small party.

We hang together or we hang separately. It is time the 99% organize and learn how to take the power back. You can do this. You do not need me but I am here if you want to talk.

God Bless America.

#UNRIG — an idea whose time has come.