Steve Walsh: Fifth Amendment Right of Presentment — People’s Grand Juries Against Government Officials

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Dear Robert;

On your interview with Sharnael Wolverton and Sacha Stone, you said at 8:15 on the tape, “This is a great country and we have allowed pieces of crap to run it into the ground.”

You must UNDERSTAND THIS: James Madison wrote the word “presentment” into the first clause of the Fifth Amendment. Progressive statute wrote it out in 1946. I discovered it in 2015 and wrote an expose about it and how to correct it.

I cited 23 U.S. Supreme Court cases, 21 legal review articles, created 35 graphics for clarity, included over 150 bibliographic entries, and it was written for the average American, to tell this story. I have re-written history. I even had to go into ancient history to justify man even has a right to live free. I found the #1 most inalienable right of the ancient Germanic tribes who were a deliberating people under Lawspeakers and voted by a show of arms. Because of these customs, their kings never ruled by arbitrary  or absolute power. Arminius ended the northern advance of the Roman Empire at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD, to protect their independence. These tribes became the Anglo, Saxons and Norse who migrated to England and developed common law. We should know this story.

Madison got the word “presentment” of the grand jury from the 1776 North Carolina Constitution. Its author, Richard Caswell, got it from the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina penned by John Locke under the direction of Lord Anthony Ashley, the most powerful man in England next to King Charles II, in 1669.

“Presentment” was the permission, the right and duty, the apparatus, of the resident citizens to inquire after abuse in all of the body of government. This was what was removed in 1946. That is how “pieces of crap” came to run it and could never be expelled.

Presentment must be restored to the federal grand jury. “Presentment” power must become a household phrase.

It was this legal aspect of the grand jury that the Founding Patriots took their liberty from the British, with. How could anyone think we could restore ours without it?


S.L. Walsh


Project Free the Grand Jury


Fifth Amendment Right of Presentment: The People’s Missing Right to Question Government by Direct Inquisition; Terminated by Tactical Fiat 1946

Founding Director:

Federal Grand Jury Presentment Restoration Foundation

“Making ‘Presentment Power’ a household phrase.”


Foundation for Self-Governance

Past Chairman:

Niagara County Charter School Founders Committee


Leadership Niagara, Class of 1987

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Pastor Brown: Did We Idolize Donald Trump & Lose God’s Blessing?

Cultural Intelligence

Pastor Brown: Did We Idolize Donald Trump & Lose God’s Blessing?



We must look rather at the setting of the heart. And if the setting of the heart reveals idols throughout the prophetic flow, if the heart is set on a man, a nation, a country and a culture, then you know what you are looking at. You know what you are hearing. You are hearing illusion, and if persisted in, becomes Spirit-filled delusion. (For more on this, see my article “The Holy Spirit of Delusion”).

God is in process of replacing America as we know it—it’s banking systems, its legal systems and its cushy church systems (to which the prophets themselves are all anchored to the hilt). These are just a couple examples.

Read full Article.

Robert Steele: Sheriff’s Movement Goes Mainstream, Causing Deep State to Shit in Its Transvestite Panties

Civil Society, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Peace Intelligence

Dem Panic Grows Over Mysterious Sealed Criminal Indictments — Sorcha Faal

It’s called the “constitutional sheriff” movement, and as it grows, it’s increasing the risk of conflict between local law enforcement and federal authorities.

Its animating idea is that a sheriff holds ultimate law-enforcement authority in his county—outranking even the federal government within its borders.

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Ed Jewett: Robert Gore on Secession or War

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

The Gray Curtain Descends, Part 1, by Robert Gore

It’s a close contest between which officially approved story is more implausible: Coronavirus as the Scourge of Humanity or America’s Free and Fair Election. The former enabled the latter, and they were propagated by the same people pursuant to an all-in power grab. Both are riddled with glaring inconsistencies and fraud, none of which are mentioned in polite society.

The Gray Curtain Descends, Part 2, by Robert Gore

The totalitarians will do what they do until they’re completely defeated. This is war, which calls for the unremitting exercise of cold, ruthless rationality. We will administer justice and show mercy when appropriate, but we will expect or receive neither from the other side.

Part Two will be posted next week.

Mongoose: Executive Order 13959, Pelosi Laptop, Chinese Checkers

Cultural Intelligence

Alert Reader says:

This is huge and it could explain Pelosi not there on Monday and Tuesday

Text of a Letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate

It means that all Congress members and all multinationals with any stocks in any of the Chinese companies listed by the Secretary of Treasury will have to get rid of them. The money will have to come back (that’s how I understand it) and it will then be easy to… confiscate it!

I think Martin Armstrong is wrong: with that kind of executive order, I don’t see Trump going anywhere.

And I do NOT believe that it is particularly intended to hurt China but rather to get a good grasp of how invested American traitors are abroad. Those Google, Amazon, Halliburton, Blackrock and such and the Feinstein, Pelosi, Biden, Clintons of this world.

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James Fetzer: Fantasy or Reality? What Do You Think? Comment by Robert Steele

Civil Society, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Government, Military, Peace Intelligence
Jim Fetzer

Inauguration Cancelled, Trump Remains in Office, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, MSNBC to Loose Licenses

Joe Biden’s Inauguration has been cancelled, President Trump would remain in office and the Chinese Communist Party propaganda media outlets of ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC would soon be off the airwaves according to President Trump.

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Robert Steele: Biden Arrested for Treason & Pedophilia?

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Biden Arrested, SCOTUS Roberts Caught, CIA Child Trafficking, Gun and Drug Running Ring Exposed

While the above story could be disinformation, because of who I am — former CIA spy, in direct contact with a number of people close to the President, and also sponsor of the Pedophilia & Empire project, I will say that I believe this.

Now, Biden did not plan the election fraud and he is at best a senior servant to the Deep State, not a leader in any sense of the word. Biden is also a weak runner-up to Lyndon Baines Johnson as the most corrupt Senator in history after Chuck Schumer and the members of the Senate Banking Committee.

I will not be surprised to see Joe Biden concede to Donald Trump relatively soon, and in time for the President to be re-inaugurated without ceremony, on the 20th.  We have it all.