The Integrity Pledge

The Election Reform Integrity Pledge is designed to bring constituents together with the individual Representatives, one Congressional District at a time (435 in all, separately from 100 Senators), both to present the Statement of Demand and the outline of the Electoral Reform Act of 2017 in advance of forceful demands from  January 2018 onward–and to give each Representative an opportunity to “come back to We the People” by signing the Pledge and immunizing themselves from the very strong anti-Congress, anti-bi-opoly sentiments that will characterize the November 2018 Elections.  Using this pledge, a national scoreboard will be created, marking each Representative Green, Yellow, or Red.  Those that are not Green by 1 October 2018 should anticipate near-universal rejection at the polls in 2018.

Election Integrity Pledge [2.0]

I, ________________________________, pledge to the people of the _____ district of the State

of _______________________ and to the American People that I will

actively engage with all of my constituents during the holiday recess at the end of the year of 2017, to discuss the twelve elements of the proposed Election Reform Act of 2018, and refine those elements in so far as my constituents desire to do so; and

co-sponsor and vote for the Election Reform Act of 2018 such that it is passed no later than 4 July 2018 but preferably by 1 March 2818.

Signed by Member:

Citizen Witness Signature:



Downloadable Word Document (1 Page): 2018 Integrity Pledge