Election 2020 – Week to 6 Oct 2019


Sunday, 6 Oct 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. The poliitcally-motivated impeachment stuff is both a coup and a nothing-burger (except that it opens the door for President Trump to counter-attack with reverse supoenas — the Democrats have walked into a trap).  Watch for President Trump to do a global economic reset, a student debt jubille, and normalize relations with Cuba while creating a new Marshall Plan for Mexico, Central, and South America to sustainably solve the illegal immigration problem. The hype from Zionist-controlled publications (USA Today is one example, NYT and NYP another) is a sign that the Zionists understand that a Trump second term means the end of the invented state of Israel and the restoration of Palestine. In passing, the RINOs and Jeff Flakes of the world are being outed and will be destroyed in detail. Win-win. The ONE area of concern is the total incompetence of Trump’s campaign and publicity arms — he has lost the public narrative battle and the polls are now decisively against him.

Mike Pence for President?  Lying cheating ignorant lazy Mike Pence? Seriously?

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Article: The Impact of Partisan Gerrymandering

Election Reform, Gerrymandering

The Impact of Partisan Gerrymandering

Once a decade, every state redraws its electoral districts, determining which people will be represented by each politician. In many states, this means that politicians gather behind computer screens to figure out how they can manipulate the lines to box out their competition and maximize the power of their political party.

While an increasing number of states employ independent commissions to draw district lines, the large majority still lack safeguards to prevent partisan favoritism in the redistricting process—also known as partisan gerrymandering.

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Election 2020 – Week to 29 Sep 2019


Sunday, 29 Sep 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. If the Democrats actually impeach the President, it will spell the end of the Democratic Party — they will never recover.  It appears that the whistleblower complaint may have been drafted on the Hill (or a law firm associated with the Democratic leadership on the Hill), not by the whistleblower (who had no direct knowledge). This could also spell the end of the secret intelligence community as we know it, a final act of betrayal by traitors within sufficient to justify what Bill Binney and Robert Steele have long recommended, its reduction by up to 70% (and a whole new leadership).

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Election 2020 – Week to 22 Sep 2019


Sunday, 22 Sep 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Mike Pence is being more directly accused of being a pedophile at worst or a cover-upper of pedophilia at best, at the same time that the President is starting to lose patience with him. The single best thing that could happen to the Trump 2020 campaign would be the removal of Mike Pence from the ticket — indeed from the office — and the substitute of a woman of color such as Dr. Cynthia McKinney.  A black female Vice President — in office — able to campaign — is a game changer.  Add #UNRIG to that and it is game over.

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Article: Why the U.S. Census Bureau could have trouble complying with Trump’s order to count citizens

Election Reform

Why the U.S. Census Bureau could have trouble complying with Trump’s order to count citizens

President Donald Trump has ordered the U.S. Census Bureau, to do something it would prefer to avoid: Determine the citizenship status of every U.S. resident, and where they live, without asking them. And he wants the answer by early 2021.

The presidential directive, issued in July, is an outgrowth of a failed attempt by the Trump administration to put a citizenship question on the 2020 census to be conducted next April. And meeting his short deadline will be a stern test for the nation’s largest statistical agency.

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Election 2020 – Week to 15 Sep 2019


Sunday, 15 Sep 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Biden by a nose, Trump by a nose if economy holds. The possibility of a serious Libertarian Presidential candidate with a cross-over Democrat/Green (Cynthia McKinney’s name keeps coming up, we’d rather see her replace Pence) cannot be discounted. America may be ready to say NEITHER Trump NOR Biden. Growing challenges to Trump within the GOP are emergent — the optics of cancelled primaries is further undermining Trump among moderate Republicans who want to have primaries, debates, and an explicit commitment from Trump on fulling his promises, most of which has NOT been fulfilled.

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Election 2008 – Week to 8 Sep 2029

Cultural Intelligence

Sunday, 8 Sep 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Biden-Warren or Biden-Harris is the predictable ticket for the Democrats — Trump will lose to such a ticket if the economy falters and he continues  to fail on three fronts: not defending Constitution (especially 1st, 2nd, & 4th Amendments); not putting America first, instead putting Israel First; and not reaching out to #WalkAway, Independents, Libertarians, Greens, with #UNRIG Unity for Integrity Election Reform Act. HOWEVER, there are very strong rumors of major economic, space, and energy changes in next three months that could catapult the President toward a landslide victory in 2020. Wisconsin farmers in desperate straits — as are small farmers all across the West. The President is silent.  Very bad for the President.

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Election 2020 — Week to 1 Sep 2019


Sunday, 1 Sep 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. As Robert Steele and Cynthia McKinney anticipated, 70% of the voters are angry at the two-party tyranny — and with luck, by 4 July 2020 they will understand that President Donald Trump can be beat with Robert Steele’s playbook. Make the deal, Mr. President. Defend the Constitution, focus on America First not Israel First, and pass #UNRIG before Election Day and in  time for 2022 to see a Congress with 100 or more Independents, Libertarians, Greens and other than Democratic or Republican. Don’t make  the deal? We may not be able to win, but we can assure your loss.  Make the deal, Mr. President.  We WANT you to have the Mother of All Landslides.  Not happening on your present course.  Make the deal, Mr. President. Interestingly, the Democratic Party is now showing signs that it will throw the Presidential race in 2020 in order to destroy the progressive wing of the party while making a great deal more money from donations inspired by those angry at President Trump. We are predicting the death of the Democratic Party and the emergence of at least two viable new political parties, one for the Sandernistas and one for the much abused  Tea Party Patriots. If Trump loses to a Libertarian promising #UNRIG, the GOP will be destroyed as well.  Is 37% disapproval rating his death notice? Joe Biden as the Ed Muskie and Democrats know this? BAD NEWS: Senate is now up for grabs in 2020, especially if DNC executes Joe Biden and goes with any of the other clowns.

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