Election 2020 – Week to 4 Aug 2019


Sunday, 4 Aug 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. The Independents, Libertarians, and Greens are in play — neither wing of the two-party tyranny seems to care. President Trump’s aura as a moderate and centrist grows daily as the Democratic Party melts down toward the extreme left without regard to the Constitution. Marianne Williamson was a game-changer. Big Tech Censorship emerging at a transpartisan issue (59%).  Elites still  trying to keep Joe Biden on life support while smearing Tulsi Gabbard and having post-coital regrets on Marianne Williamson.  The way is open for Carol Mosely Braun or Cynthia McKinnrey to come into this race, Kamela Harris is dogmeat and Biden-Harris or Harris-any white guy simply won’t cut it. President Trump’s new campaign logo is brilliant but also retarded — it disrespects 70% of the voters who are neither red nor blue.

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Election 2020 – Week to 28 Jul 2019


Sunday, 28 Jul 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture.  Democrats are so in disarray the NYT is giving them advice while acknowledging that Trump “owns” the Electoral College. Mike Adams warns powerfully that Trump must invoke Insurrection Act and slam down on social media platforms or election will be stolen and civil war will ensue. The big news is not that President Trump is having a war with “the squad” but rather that American blacks have declared war on the foreign rascists known as “the squad,” and most of America does NOT like them. Sidenote: none of the Democratic females are “likable.” The President’s approval ratings continue to climb because the public knows he is not rascist, just a patriotic American standing up for our values….values not respected by “the squad” that is itself racist against both whites AND blacks across America. ROOT PROBLEM: Americans no longer trust government, media, or each other. A useful 2020 presidential election calendar has been published.  ROOT PROBLEM: Debt ceiling vote shows Trump losing GOP Members and their constituents. ROOT PROBLEM: President is perceived as a Zionist tool — watch the 22:17 video to undersand the anger of a growing number of US citizens about  Zionist perfidy USA.

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Article: Rethinking The Presidential Election Campaign Fund

Election Reform

Rethinking The Presidential Election Campaign Fund

When you filed your tax return last spring, did you check off the “Presidential Election Campaign” box on the Form 1040? Didn’t think so.

Hardly anyone did. Indeed, the share of tax filers who check the box to contribute $3 for presidential campaigns has plummeted in recent decades. And because so few candidates in recent years take the money, a portion of the accumulated contributions is being used to fund medical research for children. You probably didn’t know that, especially since the Form 1040 says “Presidential Election Campaign,” and not “Presidential Election Campaign/Pediatric Research.”

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Election 2020 – Week To 21 Jul 2019


Sunday, 21 Jul 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Democrats are imploding. Biden-Harris was likely ticket but AOC may as well be a Trump surrogate, she is gutting the Democratic Party from within. Biden now believed to be dropping out and Harris-Buttigieg become the top ticket.  Trump could win in a landslide aided by blacks — including former Black Panthers — who denounce the Democratic Party’s embrace of pedophilia and other perversions, against family values, at the same time that they are criminally supporting illegal aliens (it is a crime to aid someone who has broken the law). HOWEVER — there are warning signs. A “terrified” electorate (the piss-ants on the extreme left) could mobilize rather than “assume” their toxic candidate will win, and this could — if Trump remains complacent about blacks, Latinos, Independents, and suburban woman — find himself edged out aided by massive Democratic theft via the “designed for fraud” electronic voting machines. Ted Cruz is very worried, predicts “staggering” Democratic turnout.”

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Election 2020 – Week to 14 Jul 2019


Sunday, 14 Jul 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. The citizenship question is central to the integrity of the election process. California will lose four House seats and New York will probably lose at least two, if we stop counting illegal aliens and visiting foreigners when allocating Congressional Districts. We legal Latinos support the question. NEW: the Deep State and Democrats are now trying to bring economic pressure on all businesses that support Donald Trump, such as Home Depot (which is actually separate from its founder who does the supporting — this tactic is as illegal and stupid as software companies cancelling use licenses for Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE). The President needs to start warming up the Department of Justice for massive counter-attacks that cancel non-profit status and bring these people to justice for what is called tortious interference — a federal felony. Democrats are consolidating, what this really means is a Biden-Harris ticket. NEW: Robert Steele has finally gotten the intelligence aspect of the Epstein case into the mainstream media but a huge effort is underway to amp up the pedophilia disgust aspect and conceal the Zionist Mossad with CIA and FBI complicity aspect. The President can leverage this case — in combination with 9/11 disclosure — to neutralize most of Congress and eradicate the Zionist parasite that bribes and blackmails with impunity.

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Election 2020 — Week to 7 Jul 2019


Sunday, 7 Jul 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. John Kasich is gaining traction with the possibility of a primary challenge to Donald Trump, and somewhat correctly pointing out that the GOP is stumbling around without a holistic strategy (or any strategy) for creating peace and prosperity for all. Al Jazeera is calling it for Trump, pointing out that Harris is now sleeping with the people she used to prosecute (Wells Fargo, among others). Scaramucci is predicting a 40 state landslide, we are not so sure.  The President has not fulfilled key promises including arrests and 9/11 disclosure and withdrawal from foreign wars  BUT the President has the power to get it all done in  time, and on top of his phenemenal — PHENOMENAL — economic initiatives, we will agree with Scaramucci IF IF IF the President pivots back to a politics of love at home. AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, waitress-actress selected for the role of Congresswoman) is rapidly becoming the Democratic Clown Princess.  Her lies about the border situation, including her fake photo op where she wailed and cried while looking at an empty parking lot, are now placing everything she says in question.  This is not a serious person — welcome to the post-Pelosi Democratic Party. Marianne Williamson lurks in the wings and has been brought to the attention of the First Lady and Kellyanne Conway as a potential transpartisan transformative figure, along with Tomi Lahren and George Will.

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Election 2020 – Week to 30 JUN 2019


Sunday, 30 June 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Mike Pence’s days are numbered. Haley is being rolled out — bad idea, we have enough bimbo’s in the White House. Trump-McKinney or Trump and Carol Mosely Braun would be vastly better option.  War with Iran will END the Trump Presidency.  He knows that. Some of us are trying to get Rouhini to “make the call” so Trump can claim victory, fire Pompeo and Bolton, and refocus on domestic matters.  Major announcements are expected in the 4th of July speech. National morality — and the restoration of the natural rights of citizens that precede the government they have formed — have not yet been addressed. The President appears to be operating in a moral vacuum with communications staff — however well-intentioned — that do not get the progressive and false conservative threat — the enemy within.  Generation Z gets it. It’s time President Trump leads on this aspect, the 4th of July speech would be a good place to start.  Live free or die.  Slam the federal government back into a small box and end the entitlement-dependency–censorship society. Democrats are in a funk, they know none of them can beat Trump as long as the economy is good and he does not attack Iran.  Marianne Williamson has emerged as the top Democratic candidate with any semblance of integrity and sanity.

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Article: What the Supreme Court’s gerrymandering decision means for 2020

Election 2020, Election Reform

What the Supreme Court’s gerrymandering decision means for 2020

The Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday that federal courts cannot determine whether election maps are too partisan has raised the stakes for the 2020 election, leaving room for both parties to draw gerrymandered district lines with little fear of a high court legal challenge.

Critics had hoped that the Supreme Court would deal a blow to the system. But in its 5-4 ruling, the court found that the power to address partisan gerrymandering lies with Congress, not the courts.

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Article: US Supreme Court blocks census citizenship question for now

Election Reform

US Supreme Court blocks census citizenship question for now

The US Supreme Court has blocked the Trump administration from adding a question on citizenship to the 2020 census for the time being.

The White House has argued that the question will bolster protections for minority voters.

But opponents say it could deter immigrant households from taking part because of fears that data could be shared with law enforcement agencies.

President Trump responded by saying he would try to delay the census.

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