Betsy Today: Beyond the Mechanics to the Fundamentals


While I applaud your 12-step program I feel it is not enough to resolve fundamental problems.

1. THE AMERICAN IDEA. America is more than a political division of the world, it is an idea of a government that protects human rights from tyranny. The military are sworn to protect this idea, while there is not a strong foundation among voters. The education system was co-opted and the system of debate has commonly used the example “families seated around the kitchen table” as a basis for the idea that government should provide wealth to its people as its primary task rather than protect the rights of the people. Another example is a common use of the Dow as a judge of a government succeeding or failing. As a common result many people treat their vote as if it has no value except as a means to receive some financial reward. This represents the fundamental difference between Constitutionalism and Socialism. So long as the voters are on a different track from the military, the fundamental rights sought by the Constitution cannot be achieved because the authority of the military to act on behalf of the people is missing. This authority is what voting is supposed to provide. This problem is an example of what Lincoln said (but did not anticipate in this context) “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

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