Trump-Pence Lose, Bloomberg-Gabbard Win? Or Libertarian Coalition Triumphs? (Trump Revolution Book 44)


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This 129 page volume started out as a simple publication of two assessments of the 2020 prospects of President Donald Trump against any moderate Democratic challenger. It quickly evolved as “primer” on the civil war that is going on today between the Deep State and its extremists on the one hand, and those of us who want to restore family and faith as a central aspect of “the American way.”

Here is the Table of Contents:

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Election 2020 – Week to 11 Aug 2019


Sunday, 11 Aug 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard emergent as winnable pairing for  Democrats. Williamson has one chance to crush it in next debate: call Trump out on his big three. Trump near catatonic with shit staff losing base percentages by the hour over his gun control idiocy. “White Supremacy” and censorship of “haters” is the big picture “trick” for stealing the election in 2020. As of today the President is providing zero leadership against this trick being carried out by the Zionists (ADL) across all mainstream and social media platforms. The President is also ignoring Marianne Williamson and the politics of love.  YUGE mistake. She is awaking the dormant social consciousness crowd (not to be confused with the corrupt Democratic politicians like Elijah Cummings). Both sides seem certain they will win by a landslide.  One of them is wrong. The country is divided — NEITHER of the two parties is speaking to the 70% who are disenfranchised — NEITHER is offering #UNRIG Unity with Integrity (Election Reform Act Proposed).

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