Andrew Garfield: A Conservative Pollster Reflects on 2019-2020

Cultural Intelligence
Andrew Garfield

Yes, President Trump has had some successes, most not reported at all by the mainstream media.

Both slides can spin this as much as they want. The reality is that the Democrats have gained an important advantage for the next two years. They can blow this advantage but I don’t think they will. So the Grand Old Party (GOP) has to get smarter.

We cannot afford to believe our own Information Operations (IO). Pelosi is the bogey woman but she is not a idiot. She is a formidable adversary with the power and influence to keep the extreme elements in the new congress under control. She also controls the purse strings and is effectively the now elected Speaker and de facto leader of the Democrats going into the general election. That means she has a lot of power to influence who gets nominated by the Democrats. She would clearly favor someone more moderate than the likes of Saunders. None of that is good news for the GoP.

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