Article: Editorial: DeSantis calls it election integrity. It’s voter suppression.

Election 2020

To hear Gov. Ron DeSantis tell it, Florida “had the smoothest, most successful election of any state in the country.” Yet, if he has his way, Republicans in the Florida Legislature will pass new laws that will suppress the vote in order to ensure “election integrity” in future contests.

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In a playbook Republicans across the country are using after President Joe Biden’s decisive victory in November, DeSantis announced his support for new restrictions on voting by mail and on ballot drop boxes, needed, he claims, to clean up election nightmares that have plagued the state’s reputation since the neck-and-neck George Bush vs. Al Gore fight in 2000.

There’s a bill already filed in the Florida Senate that would change the rules on vote-by-mail requests to be made every election year instead of every two years — and retroactively cancel requests already made for 2022 races. Now that the Florida Legislature has convened, expect more changes to SB 90 as it moves through the committee process over the next two months.

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Article: Sidney Powell LIVE: “There Is More than Enough Evidence in the Public Now to More than Reverse the Election in at Least 5 States” (VIDEO)

Election 2020, Election Fraud

Sidney Powell LIVE: “There Is More than Enough Evidence in the Public Now to More than Reverse the Election in at Least 5 States” (VIDEO)

On Saturday Attorney Sidney Powell and Retired General Michael Flynn joined Erskine for his weekly podcast.

Lieutenant General Michael Flynn is a retired United States Army Lieutenant General who was the 25th United States National Security Advisor for President Trump. Flynn’s military career included a key role in shaping U.S. counterterrorism strategy and disarming insurgent networks in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and was given numerous combat arms, conventional, and special operations senior intelligence assignments. His book, The Field of Fight, is brilliant.

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Ed Jewett: Robert Gore on Secession or War

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

The Gray Curtain Descends, Part 1, by Robert Gore

It’s a close contest between which officially approved story is more implausible: Coronavirus as the Scourge of Humanity or America’s Free and Fair Election. The former enabled the latter, and they were propagated by the same people pursuant to an all-in power grab. Both are riddled with glaring inconsistencies and fraud, none of which are mentioned in polite society.

The Gray Curtain Descends, Part 2, by Robert Gore

The totalitarians will do what they do until they’re completely defeated. This is war, which calls for the unremitting exercise of cold, ruthless rationality. We will administer justice and show mercy when appropriate, but we will expect or receive neither from the other side.

Part Two will be posted next week.

Article: Vital Signs: Sure, the US election is gerrymandered, but so are others, and its hard to stop

Election 2020, Election Reform

Vital Signs: Sure, the US election is gerrymandered, but so are others, and its hard to stop

There’s a sort-of natural law that ensures that where there are electorates some votes count more than others.

At the time of writing we don’t yet know who will win the US presidential election. But we do know this for sure: Donald Trump will be able to win with less than half the votes cast. Put another way, Joe Biden will be able to lose even if he wins the popular vote.

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Article: The Legal Fight Awaiting Us After the Election

Election 2020, Election Reform

The Legal Fight Awaiting Us After the Election

The immediate aftermath of the Presidential election of 2000 has taken on the air of legend. On Election Night, news organizations first called Florida for Vice-President Al Gore—then, about two hours later, withdrew the call and, about four hours after that, declared that George W. Bush, the governor of Texas, had won the state, giving him enough electoral votes to become President. Gore called Bush to concede, and left his hotel in a motorcade to announce the end of his campaign to his supporters.

His aides, learning that the race in Florida was, in fact, too close to call, tried frantically to contact the Vice-President in his limousine. They reached him just in time, and he telephoned Bush to retract the concession. Bush indignantly told Gore that his “little brother”—the governor of Florida, Jeb Bush—had said that he had won. “Let me explain something,” Gore replied. “Your little brother is not the ultimate authority on this.”

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Article: The Price of Public Money

Election Reform

The Price of Public Money

Matthew King of suburban Tacoma, Washington, is a Democrat who believes the average American should donate to presidential candidates to thwart big money’s influence. Though he is looking for work, he feels so strongly about the issues that he makes small monthly contributions to Democratic candidates and causes.

“It’s democracy in action,” King says, describing his hopes for a president who will combine leftist ideals with strong Christian values. “Right now, money is our voice in politics.”

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