Reform Initiative: Democracy 21- Democracy Reform

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Democracy Reform

We have a broken political system, a corrupt campaign finance system and a president who thinks he is a king. The American people believe the political system is rigged at their expense and overwhelmingly want the system repaired.

Democracy 21, working with allies in a number of coalitions, is pursuing targets of opportunity in 2020 and beyond in order to fix governance problems, protect the integrity of our democracy and to pursue a political system in which citizens are heard and fairly represented.

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Reform Initiative: Democracy Matter- Voting Rights Information

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Democracy Matter- Voting Rights Information

Voting Rights are an important part of your right as an American Citizen. But obstacles prevent many American from casting their vote. These obstacles make voting harder rather than easier, as it should be in democracy.

Every American citizen is guaranteed the right to vote. Voting should be easy, convenient and fair. However the truth is that American elections  – both state and national – have long been marred by an infrastructure that is rickety, excludes too many, and are prone to partisan manipulation and deliberate voter suppression.

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Reform Sponsor: Democracy Matters

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Democracy Matters

Democracy Matters, a non-partisan campus-based national student organization, works to get big private money out of politics and people back in. Offering internships to high school students and paid internships to college undergraduates, Democracy Matters mentors the next generation of leaders dedicated to strengthening our democracy.

Students organize actions and projects connecting pro-democracy reforms to issues of environment, civil rights, education, health care, foreign policy, and more.

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Article: After record 2020 election turnout, states look to limit voting options

Election Reform

After record 2020 election turnout, states look to limit voting options

State legislative sessions often see an uptick in the introduction of restrictive voting bills following an election year, but legislation that aims to limit who can vote, where, when and how has reached unprecedented levels this year.

The Brennan Center, an independent nonpartisan law and policy organization in New York, found that more than 253 restrictive voting bills had been introduced in legislatures across 43 states just this year through Feb. 23 — up from 35 bills across 15 states in all of 2020.

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Article: State lawmakers push wave of voting changes in wake of election

Election Reform

State lawmakers push wave of voting changes in wake of election

A political tug-of-war playing out in statehouses across the U.S. likely will reshape the nation’s patchwork of voter access rules, and not for the better, according to some analysts.

A wave of Republican-sponsored bills that would restrict ballot access have been introduced in statehouses nationwide in the wake of historic turnout during the 2020 election.

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Article: The lack of federal voting rights protections returns us to the pre-Civil War era

Election Reform

The lack of federal voting rights protections returns us to the pre-Civil War era

As Senate Democrats push to extend federal protection of voting rights, bills to restrict citizens’ access to the vote — many based on models produced by the conservative Heritage Foundation — have been introduced in 43 states. On Thursday, Georgia enacted a law that limits voters’ options and makes it easier for the state legislature to interfere with election results.

The current absence of strong federal protection for voting rights resembles the United States before the Civil War and reminds us of why Americans changed the Constitution to protect individual rights during Reconstruction.

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5 Discussions That Shaped the Justice Reform Movement in 2020


5 Discussions That Shaped the Justice Reform Movement in 2020

During summer 2020, the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many other Black Americans sparked a national dialogue around the failings of the U.S. criminal justice system. People nationwide joined together in protest of police violence, calling for a new approach to safety and justice. During this crucial moment, the Center for American Progress, the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation virtually gathered 1,000 advocates, researchers, artists, and practitioners for the Innovations Conference, a multiday exploration of what it means to reimagine public safety and shrink the footprint of the justice system.

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Article: Homeless and Hopeless: America’s Silenced Voting Problem

Election Reform

Homeless and Hopeless: America’s Silenced Voting Problem

Criminally underserved and unheard by the public, the homeless population in the United States is one of the most marginalized groups in recent history. People experiencing homelessness lack access to basic care and resources meant to be universal human rights, and because of the inaccessible nature of voter registration, they are unable to do anything about it.

Even in Rhode Island, one of the only states to enact a Homeless Bill of Rights, there is a lack of information and accessibility regarding voter identification requirements and resources.

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Article: One Key Reform Can Fight Voter Suppression

Election Reform

One Key Reform Can Fight Voter Suppression

There’s one trend election observers can be confident of year after year: Record turnout will always be swiftly followed by a tidal wave of voter suppression efforts.

The 2008 election was the first presidential election in American history  which voters of color constituted one quarter of the nation’s eligible electorate. That election also saw a massive shift in the racial composition of early in-person voting, with Black voters casting their votes early in person more frequently than white voters (an estimated 24 percent to 17 percent nationally).

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Article: Trump Votes By Mail (Again) Despite Months Of Voter Fraud Claims

Election Fraud

Trump Votes By Mail (Again) Despite Months Of Voter Fraud Claims

Despite spending months after the 2020 presidential election attacking the safety of mail-in voting, former President Donald Trump once again relied on the voting method to cast his ballot in a Florida municipal election held Tuesday.


First reported by The Palm Beach Post, Trump requested his mail-in ballot for the town’s municipal election on Friday. 

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