Absence of Supremes in election dispute called ‘ticking time bomb’

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Absence of Supremes in election dispute called ‘ticking time bomb’

With three Supreme Court justices weighing in on the dispute over the 2020 presidential election regarding the violation of laws by state officials, the issue isn’t going away.

In fact, writes University of California an Irvine Professor Rick Hasen on hisHasen Election Law Blog, it’s “a ticking time bomb” that the Supreme Court “is going to have to resolve.”

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Election 2020 Documentation of Fraud

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This single post will be used to post links or actual documents that strongly support the proposition that the presidential election was stolen in 2020. Later we will return to the matter of Senate races being stolen (for example, in Virginia where Gade appears to have beaten Warner with 57% of the vote) and a number of House races across the country.  We are funding a movie documentary on election fraud, the tentative movie concept has its own post. Continue reading “Election 2020 Documentation of Fraud”

Article: Media’s silence on election fraud: Deafening

Article, Election Fraud

Something very strange following the Nov. 3, 2020, presidential election has happened. Despite the occurrence on election night of numerous unprecedented acts such as the sudden vote-counting suspension in several key states where Donald Trump was leading at the time; how votes within some of these states, in mere minutes, gave rise to a Continue reading “Article: Media’s silence on election fraud: Deafening”