Article: Lin Wood on Saving America: Speak Truth and Fight Back

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Lin Wood on Saving America: Speak Truth and Fight Back

Lin Wood, a recent transplant to South Carolina, is an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Georgia, a privilege he’s held for almost forty-four years. During that time, he’s been a member in good standing with the State Bar of Georgia.

A true patriot who cares deeply about the United States of America and all she stands for, Mr. Wood is currently under attack by the State Bar of Georgia with an unprecedented effort underway by its Disciplinary Board to ban him from practicing law in the state unless he submits to a psychological evaluation to determine his mental fitness.

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We need to expand, not restrict, voting rights — in Pennsylvania and across the US

Election Reform

We need to expand, not restrict, voting rights — in Pennsylvania and across the US

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker of Lancaster County introduced a bill at the end of January “to create a bipartisan commission to study the 2020 election results, report on irregularities, and propose changes to election laws ahead of the next federal election in 2022,” LNP | LancasterOnline reported March 12. “Introduced with fellow GOP Rep. Lisa McClain of Michigan, Smucker’s bill would focus the commission’s work on battleground states like Pennsylvania where Trump lost narrowly to Biden.” Republicans in statehouses across the nation have introduced legislation related to voting rights.

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Article: US Supreme Court signals more leeway for voting restrictions

Election 2020

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — U.S. Supreme Court justices on Tuesday appeared inclined to uphold two Republican-backed voting restrictions in Arizona in a case that could further hobble the Voting Rights Act, a landmark 1965 federal law that prohibits racial discrimination in voting.

During nearly two hours of oral arguments by teleconference the court’s conservative justices, who hold a 6-3 majority, asked questions indicating they could issue a ruling that would make it harder to prove violations of the Voting Right Act.

The important voting rights case comes before the justices at a time when Republicans in numerous states are pursuing new restrictions after former President Donald Trump made false claims of widespread fraud in the Nov. 3 election that he lost to Democratic President Joe Biden. Republican proponents of Arizona’s restrictions cite the need to combat voting fraud.

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Article: Republicans admit the real reason for election ‘reforms’ – they help Republicans win

Election 2020, Election Reform

Opinion: An attorney representing the Arizona GOP finally admitted to the Supreme Court why it wants ballot rules on the books: It’s about winning.

For years, Republican legislators have assured us that their various efforts to make it more difficult to vote were all about protecting the integrity of Arizona’s elections.

Turns out they’re all about protecting themselves.

In a hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, a lawyer for the Arizona Republican Party actually admitted it.

The hearing focused on a pair of Arizona voting restrictions enacted five years ago – one that makes it a crime for anyone other than a family member or caregiver to turn in another person’s early ballot and another that requires any ballot cast in the wrong precinct to be discarded even if the person was eligible to vote.

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Article: Democrats need to choose: The filibuster or democracy

Election 2020

The pandemic relief package is reportedly close to passage, and so Democrats are turning their attention to House Resolution 1 (or HR1), a massive voting rights overhaul that would ban partisan gerrymandering, expand voting rights protections, impose new restrictions on campaign finance, and more. If passed, it would be the most significant such law since the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

With any luck the pandemic relief package will be big enough to restore a prosperous economy within a year or so. Therefore, whether or not Democrats can overcome the Senate filibuster and their own timidity to pass HR1 is now the most important single factor in whether they can hang on to their congressional majorities, and hence stop Republicans from cheating them permanently out of national power.

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Article: Supreme Court could put new limits on voting rights lawsuits

Election Reform

Supreme Court could put new limits on voting rights lawsuits

The justices are taking up a case about Arizona restrictions on ballot collection and another policy that penalizes voters who cast ballots in the wrong precinct.

Eight years after carving the heart out of a landmark voting rights law, the Supreme Court is looking at putting new limits on efforts to combat racial discrimination in voting.

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Absence of Supremes in election dispute called ‘ticking time bomb’

Article, Election 2020

Absence of Supremes in election dispute called ‘ticking time bomb’

With three Supreme Court justices weighing in on the dispute over the 2020 presidential election regarding the violation of laws by state officials, the issue isn’t going away.

In fact, writes University of California an Irvine Professor Rick Hasen on hisHasen Election Law Blog, it’s “a ticking time bomb” that the Supreme Court “is going to have to resolve.”

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Lin Wood: Concerns About the Supreme Court

Supreme Court

UPDATE at 4:00 PM ET-– Lin Wood posted this moments ago…

I have concerns about the following members of the U.S. Supreme Court:

  • Roberts (you know why)
  • Breyer (anti-Trumper)
  • Barrett (nomination and confirmation pushed by McConnell)
  • Kavanaugh (tied to Bush 43)
  • Sotomayor (attended what may have been fake Bribes inauguration proceeding & appointed by Obama)
  • Gorsuch (who knows – flip-flopper)
  • Kagan (nominated by Obama)

I have confidence in Alito (based on earlier PA injunction ruling)

I have confidence in Thomas (Patriot)

The Federalist Society has had TOO MUCH influence on recent SCOTUS nominations. That needs to change in the future. The U.S. Supreme Court should never be guided by politics The rule of law is nonpartisan.

Joachim Hagopian: John Roberts and Mike Pence – Deep State Enemies Inside the Gate

Society, Transnational Crime

This is chapter 44 in the  digital online series on Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, and the Deep State, free online at and also in Kindles form (chapters) and print form (4 of 5 books published to date. The author is a graduate of West Point and a former US Army officer who earned a degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health industry for over 25 years, inclusive of work with children. Almost every endnote is linked to the original source of each datum. Continue reading “Joachim Hagopian: John Roberts and Mike Pence – Deep State Enemies Inside the Gate”