Philip Schuyler: How to Steal an Election in Four Steps

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How to Steal an Election in Four Steps

It was January and the Democrats had a problem: things were too good in America. No wars, improved border security, lower drug prices, lower taxes, and a bull market would likely conspire to get Trump reelected in November.

In February covid 19 reached our shores. While most of us were trying to figure out how serious it was, America’s top leftists formulated an ingenious if sadistic plan to use covid 19 to steal the presidency in November.

Here is how they did it in four steps:*

Step 1: Fake Pandemic to Kill Business & Trump Rallies*
Step 2: Media Manipulation in Favor of Biden to Point of Treason*
Step 3. The Election – Planned Fraud & Emergency Fraud*
Step 4. Selling the Biden Victory Narrative with Criminal Conspiracy*

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